• Yuri AncaraniThe Challenge, 2016; video, 67 min. Courtesy the artist.
  • Pauline Bourdy & Renate LorenzSilent, 2016 HD video; 7 min. 43 sec. Courtesy the artists, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genéve, Marcelle Alix, Paris, and Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam.
  • Alessio Di ZioGenesee, 2016 video; 14 min. 11 sec. Courtesy the artist.
  • Jenna HasseSoltar, 2016 video; 23 min. 40 sec Courtesy Louise Productions.
  • Evangelia KraniotiSamba no Escuro, 2016 video; 50 min. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Sator, Paris.
  • Alessio Di ZioSioux Rapids, 2016 video; 15 min. 31 sec. Courtesy the artist.
  • Emilie JouvetAria, 2016 video; 60 min. Courtesy Emilie Jouvet.
  • Salomé LamasThe Burial of the Dead, 2016 HD video; 90 min. Courtesy the artist.
  • Boris MiticA Museum of Nothing(s), 2016, single-channel video; 60 min. Courtesy the artist.
  • Kerry TribeExquisite Corpse, 2016 installation video; 51 min. Courtesy the artist and 1301PE, Los Angeles.
  • Wu TsangDuilian, 2016 HD video; 26 min. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin.
  • Bodil FuruMangeurs de cuivre, 2016 video; 81 min. Courtesy the artist.

Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement: from Geneva to Rome

7 October 2017 > 7 January 2018


curated by Andrea Bellini, Cecilia Alemani, Caroline Bourgeois, Elvira Dyangani Ose)


The Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement (BIM, Biennale of Moving Images), of the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva, provides a platform for art and ideas by surveying the ever-shifting territories of moving images, while aiming to make sense of the extraordinary profusion of images that has progressively invaded all aspects of contemporary art. The originality of BIM resides in the fact that it consists exclusively of works commissioned and produced for each edition. As a site of research and production, rather than simply a temporary exhibition, BIM is one of the most interesting and dynamic realities in the arena of video art and cinema.

Conceived in its present form in 2014 by Andrea Bellini, BIM is a one of a kind hybrid event situated somewhere between a cinema festival, a constellation of solo exhibitions, and a research and production site. It brings together visual artists, film directors and performers, including dancers and musicians.

The latest edition of the Biennale was produced by the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva in collaboration with partners that include the Faena Art Foundation in Buenos Aires, and the production house In Between Art Film in Rome. Thanks to this local reality, together with the Fondazione Giuliani, an important selection of works produced in 2016 will be presented in Rome for the first time at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.